What should a blog look like? Does it need to be an all-different, unique alien looking thing? Is it enough to make something that is a clone of the most popular blog? These are some simple, yet confusing thoughts that enter into someone’s mind while creating a blog. Many have the false notion that blogging is the easiest way to make money. They think that you type in a couple of paragraphs a day and make huge amount of money. However, it is not true. To be honest, a blog has to be well maintained for a couple of years before any significant earnings can be expected.

Always use the interaction method of writing while blogging. Make it simple and easy. Never take it as an opportunity to tell the world how great your word power is. Avoid using jargon and technical wordings. Try to be as simple as you can with the word selection. Never write something that you are not certain is correct. If there needs a recheck do it before posting the blog. Here are three golden rules for an excellent blog:


Primarily, write about things that you know very well. The write up should be having new piece of information plus your comment on the particular issue. You could easily make your blog a platform for serious discussion if you choose topics with discretion. The topics that you select have to be of contemporary value. You should encourage the visitors to post their comments, so that it will make the session livelier.

Secondly, never forget to update the blog. Do it on a regular basis. Instead of writing long, boring blogs, cut them into small segments and post it separately. This will increase the number of blog posts and more importantly enhance the blog traffic by a great deal. Another thing that you need to set in your mind is the frequency of your posts. Frequently posting is essential, you want your readers to have a reason to come back, no new posts equals no repeat visits.

Finally, a good title with a great use of keyword in the body text makes a perfect blog article. However, where can you find out these keywords? It is now possible to track down the hottest keywords as well. There are sites that provide a vast amount of keywords. There are many keyword-ranking tools in the internet.

Having read the whole thing, why should you shy away from making the perfect blog? Keep all of this in mind when starting your blog and you are sure to enjoy an increased amount of success.