Google search has always been the great equalizer in website traffic. Because of Google+, the more attention and authority you have with other people the more traffic you get. To drive traffic to your site you need to connect through this relatively new social media platform.

How Google+ changes the search game

A critical type of Google search–”personalized search”–essentially makes Google+ the new Google search engine. This happens in a couple of ways. If, for example, you’re following a Google+ page related to your profession and you search for a related keyword, that page will appear higher in your results. If you share a page you’ve published to your site on Google+ and someone you’ve circled searches on something related to your post–on any Google product–your page will rank higher.

Given the enormous popularity of Google products, not having a Google+ profile may be detrimental to your progress in the Modern Age. Google+ needs to be one of your main social media marketing tools, and soon. (more…)