Promotional Items: Advertising that Works for You

Promotional items are great advertisement for your business. Offering “freebies” printed with your company’s logo and contact information does double duty. First of all, it gives the customer a sense of getting something for nothing. Everyone loves a free item, and giving potential customers an item as simple as a keychain or coffee mug creates a feeling of goodwill toward your company, making customers more likely to do business with you in the future. Secondly, a promotional item serves as corporate advertising for your business. Every time that pen, coffee mug or promotional keychain is used, your company’s name and contact information is on display. This puts your business first and foremost in the product user’s mind.

Promotional Items

Promotional items are commonly offered at trade shows, during special business events and sales or even just as a bonus given at the check-out counter or sales desk. Nearly any type of company can utilize promotional products to their advantage. It is, however, important to tailor the particular item offered to the type of business that offers it. A construction company attempting to do business with high-profile contractors and clients may not want to offer a keychain, which would rarely be used in the business, but perhaps a coffee mug or a hat emblazoned with the company logo. Likewise, a bank would do much better giving out pens then it would handing out bumper stickers. Think about who your ideal customer is, and then find a promotional product to suit them.

With traditional advertising mediums such as print ads or television spots, you are required to pay a premium every time your ad is run. Promotional items need only be purchased once, and their advertising value increases every time the product is used, worn or displayed. Ideas for these items are nearly unlimited and can include things like apparel, calendars or notepads, writing utensils, coffee mugs or tote bags. Anything that can be printed with company information is free game. Promotional items are a great way to spend your advertising budget. They provide long-lasting publicity at a low price. Offering promotional products at your next retail event or trade show can drive sales, increase business and lead to new customers.


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