How to get more opt-ins to your list

If you are having a hard time getting opt-ins to your mailing list, or just feel like there is room to increase the percentage of visitors that sign up then you will want to read this. Learn some great tips on how to get more opt-ins to your mailing list.

The first thing that you want to look at is the placement of your opt-in form. Remember, if you want a lot of people signing up you need a lot of people to see it. One option is a pop-up, although these can be quite intrusive. If you decide to go without a popup you will still need to place it somewhere on the page where readers view.

It is widely known that people start in the top left of the web page, read across, and then skip down to the body. This makes an opt-in form being placed in the top left corner, or in the main body an ideal choice. In addition page exit pop-ups work well. If a visitor is already leaving your page why not try to snag them one last time?


The next thing that you need to do is sell your opt-in form. Don’t just tell them to sign up for some great spam mailings or site news, offer something great. Many people will write a quick 5 page ebook and offer it through a mailing. This way folks will sign up just to get the ebook and hardly any of them, even if they are not interested in future mailings, will request to be removed from your list. Provide something of value, for free, and your percentages of opt-ins will increase in no time.

One other strategy for getting more of your visitors to opt-in to your mailing list is to spice up the appearance. Use colors, make a nice border. Don’t just leave it plain, use graphics. It is also a good idea to incorporate your logo right into your opt-in form. The more you make it stand out the better chance you have of people noticing it, and thus signing up.

The final thing that you should take into consideration is pushing your opt-in form whenever possible. If you offer an ebook, as an example, include it at the end of your ebook. In PDF files you can throw lots of elements like this in.

Hopefully you can use at least a couple of these different methods to help increase the number of signups to your opt-in list.


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