Finding the Best Web Hosting Provider in 5 Steps

When it comes to setting up a website, one of the critical factors to its success is finding the right web hosting service for your requirements. Now, it isn’t quite as easy as being able to say a particular web host is the best out of all of the hosts in the market. This is because the host can only be the best depending on your set of requirements; such is the range of different packages and features each host offers.

We’ve pulled together some tips to help you throughout the web hosting selection process:

Step 1 – Planning

A good starting point for finding the best web host is to define your digital marketing strategy and scope out the website requirements that support your strategy. By doing this right at the beginning, you minimise the risk of selecting a web host that won’t be able to support your future website needs. So make sure you know from the start which direction you expect your website to go in. Do your homework and look at websites that are similar to the type of site you are looking for and when you’re choosing your host, make sure that it has the capability to support that kind of website and the features you want your website to have.

Step 2 – Research

Once you have your planning stage completed, move into the research phase. This is the bit where you find as much information as you can about the different web hosting options available. You can get information about which features each host offers and their pricing structures on their websites but probably the easiest and quickest way of gathering the information is to find a reliable comparison table. When we say reliable, we mean an authoritative website or editor that is an expert in the field of web hosting.

Step 3 – Understand the Features and Performance Measurements

If you’re using reviews to make your decision then it is important that you understand what is actually being reviewed. If a host guarantees 99% Uptime how do you know if that’s good if you don’t know what it means? Learn all the jargon so that you can easily compare each host.

Step 4 – Test/Trial Period

With a lot of hosts you can sign up for a trial period or you have a certain amount of time before you can get a full refund. Use this time wisely when you select a host and try and use all the features that you will potentially use I the future to make sure it all works okay. Make sure you check the compatibility with different browsers etc. If you don’t do this work within the timescale then you might take a financial hit when you have to then move to a different web host that supports what you need.

Step 5 – Launch your website

Okay so this is the fun bit after all the hard work you have put in. If you’ve done your research and picked a host that provides ‘one-click installation’ or similar then this should be a breeze. Again you should be extensively testing your website before you publish it to make sure everything is working as it should. You really don’t want it to go live and then find out that pages aren’t loading, links are broken etc. as it will not look good when your potential customers visit your website.

So there you are, 5 easy steps to finding the best web hosting provider for your website.


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