Busting the myths of cheap web hosting

When building and hosting your own blog or website was becoming all the rage 10 years ago, cheap web hosting managed to earn itself a bit of a poor reputation in some quarters.  But today, in 2016, things are a lot different.

The stigma of experiences people had of cheap web hosting back in the early 2000s still exists with some people today, although the reality is that cheap web hosting is now an incredibly high-performing and competitive market.


Due to the number of companies out there offering cheap web hosting, it is no longer enough for providers to offer a poor service with little support.  In fact, quite the opposite.  With online reviews of cheap web hosting providers freely available, and with the marketplace said to be worth millions of pounds a year, the pressure is on for companies to provide a high-quality produce.

So, here are some of those myths that still exist today about cheap web hosting.

  • It’s slow
    In the last century when cheap web hosting wasn’t as readily available as it is today, websites hosted on such packages were often slammed for being slow and having many performance issues. The fact is that not only was hosting technology still a relatively new thing 10-15 years ago, but some people didn’t even have an internet connection, and many of those that did had slow dial-up connections.Today, websites hosted on cheap web hosting packages can perform as well as any in most instances, so long as the web build and technology used by the webmaster is conducive to this. Many cheap web hosting providers can boast page load times of well under a second some around 0.5 of a second depending on server location and user connection.

    Additionally, to keep up with demand and the competitive marketplace, many cheap web hosting providers are now putting sites on the latest technologies to enhance performance, including SSD drives and dedicated RAM.

    One thing to always keep in mind with cheap web hosting though is that they will almost always be what is referred to as a shared server – so your site is sharing its server with others, often hundreds of other websites.  This can lead to performance issues in itself, but many will never notice a difference.

  • Not enough bandwidth
    Bandwidth was a buzz word back in the early noughties, often used as a term with which to slate cheap web hosting. Nowadays, hosting providers supply accounts with amazing amounts of bandwidth, the likes of which would have been unheard of 10 years ago.  Some providers now offer unlimited or unmetered bandwidth, although you should exercise caution with this as there is rarely any such thing as ‘unlimited’ in the world of web hosting.The take-home point here though is that bandwidth is less of an issue now for most small and medium sites than it ever has been.  Aside from the much-improved service offered by cheap web hosting providers, more tools are now available to optimise your website and lessen the impact on bandwidth usage, be it through image optimisation, the use of content delivery networks, or other methods.
  • Customer support is lowsy
    Again, it wasn’t too long ago that very few people understood web hosting, let alone what to do with it and how to work it. When the first companies on the scene began to offer cheap web hosting packages, support often ranged from very poor to non-existent.  This could not be further from the truth today though, with nearly every single hosting provider offering 24/7 support, knowledge bases, live chat facilities and many more tools to ensure you always have the help on hand that you require.


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